Reading, Ruby and Tony Dungy

daughter's arms wrapped around dad's neck


A British man, who will lose his voice because of disease, is recording thousands of words so he can continue to read his son bedtime stories.  Laurence Brewer, from Bolton, northern England, was diagnosed with motor neuron disease (MND) three years ago and expects to lose his speech as his condition worsens.

But, the 43-year-old wants to ensure that his 18 month old son, Stan, will hear his father’s “authentic” voice when the time comes that he has to speak through a synthesizer.  Brewer will record 1,600 sentences for a computer program that will break them up into individual sounds and then piece them back together again to form words under Brewer’s control.

Laurence said, “Stan is the key motivation for me to record my voice so that if my voice is lost, he can still hear what his dad sounds like. I would like to read him bedtime stories.  He can also hear what I sound like when I am no longer here.”

Wow.  What an amazing father.  If you do not already, make it a priority to read to your young children like Laurence will.  It stimulates their imagination and draws you closer together.  And there’s no better way to read to your kids than with Tony and Lauren Dungy’s fantastic new children’s book, Ruby’s New Home.  When mom and dad bring home a new puppy, everyone is so excited.  All the kids love Ruby. But who gets to walk Ruby? Who gets to play with Ruby? Who gets to brush Ruby?  Kids learn how to resolve problems and put others ahead of themselves in this clever story.  Hear what Tony has to say about his latest book.

Huddle up with your kids tonight and ask them:
  What is one book you all would like to read with me?

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