What Parents Can Learn from When Hurricane Sandy Hit



The New York Times reported that Long Beach, New York decided not to build protective sand dunes along its beach because it obscured the view and would hinder surfing.  Nearby neighboring communities on the barrier island — Point Lookout, Lido Beach, and Atlantic Beach — had dunes constructed to help them weather potential storms.  When Hurricane Sandy hit at the end of October last year, the difference between the dune and non-dune communities was dramatic.  Those areas that had taken protective measure emerged OK overall, while Long Beach experienced at least $200 million in losses.  They were a sitting duck.

We shouldn’t overly-criticize the planners of Long Beach, as foolish as they were.  All of us are tempted to neglect what’s most important and, instead, trade it for the trivial.  The main reason?  We underestimate real threats.  We can be especially vulnerable to this in parenting.  In order to father well, we need to be aware of the biggest dangers to our children.  Hare are 10 pressures your kids are facing and what to do about them.

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