5 Ways All Pro Dads Can Make the Mother-Son Relationship Flourish



Newsweek reports:  “In case any doubt remained that guys get into girls’ heads, for the first time scientists have found male DNA in the human female brain.  Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle examined dozens of women’s brains and discovered that the majority of them contained genetic material found only on the Y chromosome.  This material almost certainly isn’t found in girls’ genomes when they’re born.  So when material from the Y chromosome is found in women’s bodies, the most likely explanation is that during a pregnancy, cells from a male unborn child slipped across the placenta, circulated in the mother’s body, and lodged in her brain.”

This seems to be a physical confirmation of what we know is an emotional truth – a mother always has her children on her mind.  Specifically today, let’s talk about your boy(s) and their mom.  Here are 5 ways All Pro Dads can make the mother-son relationship flourish.

Huddle up with your wife tonight and say:  “I want to better support your relationship with our son(s) by ____.”

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