30 Day Marriage Challenge



Yesterday we talked about 6 things NOT to do for your marriage. Today we have ideas for things you SHOULD do in your marriage. Try our 30 Day Marriage Challenge and we think your relationship will see a big difference.  Simply do the assigned task on that particular day. Your wife will love it and by the end of the 30 days, your marriage could very well be revitalized!  Here are the challenges for the first 5 days:

Day 1: Say, “You look stunning.”

Day 2: Say, “I appreciate you because ____.”

Day 3: Ask, “What can I help you with today?”

Day 4: Go the whole day without correcting your wife.

Day 5: Hug your wife three times today.

Take the All Pro Dad 30 Day Marriage Challenge!  And here is the iMOM 30 Day Marriage Challenge for your wife.  The next 30 days could very well be a sweet season for your most important relationship.


Huddle up with your wife tonight and ask her, “What do you think about really focusing on our marriage next month?

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