6 Ways a Dad Can Develop True Grit in His Child



We’re all about encouraging dads to connect with their kids in every way. Summer provides some great opportunities to bond, to learn together, to have fun as a family, and to simply enjoy investing in quality time together.

At the same time, once those lazy days have drifted by life moves on…  and that includes back to school before we know it. We want our children to be ready, to be prepared to handle whatever comes along, and to have the resources necessary to hit the ball out of the park even when the going gets tough.

In short, All Pro Dads want to know that their kids have some “true grit” on hand so we’ve created a list of 6 Ways a Dad Can Develop True Grit in His Child. Take a look and then also check out these other resources to help prepare both the kids and dad for the new school year.


Huddle up with your kids tonight and ask: “What’s one thing you’ve done that was really hard?”

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