100 Years from Now, Will What You’re Doing Matter?



100 years from now, will what you’re doing matter?  This simple question easily puts things into perspective as we go about our daily lives.  It isn’t the car we drive, or the amount of money we have, or even the size of the house we live in that matters- all these things will eventually fade away.

One investment we can make that will never fade is into the lives of the kids sitting at our kitchen table right now- the ones who are spilling milk down their shirts and telling silly jokes about the chicken crossing the road.

So how can we do what matters and invest in our kids?  This is what a dad named Michael said after attending an All Pro Dad’s Day Breakfast:

“While my relationship with my son had always been strong, my relationship with my daughter hadn’t come as easily.  One moment that really pushed us together came during an All Pro Dad’s Day breakfast.  We were watching the video side by side when I found that the wall between us was suddenly crumbling.  I pulled her into my lap and kissed her forehead, surprised that she didn’t turn away from me.  Since then, our relationship has steadily grown and I’m so thankful for the way All Pro Dad taught me how to love my daughter well.”

Be bold in starting an All Pro Dad’s Day Chapter at your child’s school this year.  These monthly breakfasts will open up opportunities for meaningful conversations and memories.  Register to lead a chapter at your child’s school anytime between January 15th and February 28th, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win an exciting visit from an All Pro Dad School Programs Team Member who will bring great prizes and inspire school spirit at your breakfast!


Huddle up with your child tonight and ask: “What can we spend time doing together this week, just you and me?”

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