A Mother’s Day Movie Night on Us



The house is a mess.  The stack of laundry has been getting bigger rather than smaller.  The kids have been difficult and Mom’s temper has been rising steadily.  Every time she makes head way the kids create a new mess for her to clean.  She hasn’t even been able to change out of her pajamas.  That’s normally when I get home from work, cheerful and in a good mood.  My greeting conveys that and then I see the look on her face.  You know the look I’m talking about right?  DEFCON 4: She’s about to lose it.

Battle stations!  This is not a drill.  She needs a break.  Give her a night out.

In theaters on May 9th is a new comedy called Moms’ Night Out.  This movie will make your family laugh a lot and give them more of an appreciation for mom.  It will be a gift to her and you will enjoy it because it’s funny, heartfelt, clean, and encouraging.  It may even spark some conversation that will help your marriage.  Give her the night she deserves.  Take care of the kids and the details so she doesn’t have to do anything. Enter to win the Mother’s Day package that includes dinner, flowers, and movie passes for the whole family.

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When it’s time to go to the movies, here are 5 Tips for Making a Family Night at the Movies Easier for Her.


Huddle up with your kids tonight and plan a night out for your wife.

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