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How to Grill a Steak and Increase Your Man Stock


Has your wife ever asked you to do something around the house typically for men and you didn’t know how?  You may have acted like an expert and then created a disaster.  You ended up wishing you had hired someone and your wife was not happy.  Your Dow Jones of Manliess or Man Stock took a huge dip.

Well here is our chance to save you.  We are launching a video series called the All Pro Dad Playbook to help your Man Stock hit a Bull Market.  Get ready because this summer we are going to increase your Man Stock one play at a time.

In this episode, we have reknowned chef Kim Bailey here to teach you How to Grill a Steak. So light up the Char-Griller and get ready to master 3 different cuts of red meat with fire.



To help you get started, we are giving away a Char-Griller Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker. Enter by August 1st, 2014 at 12 Noon EDT to be eligible to win!

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Mission Summer: Take a Hike


For three summers, my wife was a trail guide in Colorado. She would take groups of teenagers into the wilderness and over mountains for several days. Along the way, there would be opportunities to talk about relationships and experiences. Having taken a trip with her, I was amazed at … Continue reading…

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Confessions from an Adult Child of an Alcoholic


Every time my boss would walk in I would get nervous. I’d bury myself into my computer screen hoping to not be noticed. I felt like an eleven year old in a room full of adults.  The problem was that I was in my thirties. A deeply rooted fear … Continue reading…

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6 Ways Self-Improvement Will Heal Your Relationships


The Jones tribe makes up an average American family. Dad runs a small technology business, Mom works part-time and spends the rest of her day trying to keep up with the kids, brother is in middle school plus every imaginable sports league, sister is in fifth-grade and is all … Continue reading…

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Principles for Divorced Men


Divorce is a fact of life in America. But are there rules of etiquette when it comes to the aftermath of failed marriages? It is going to be difficult on everyone, especially the children, but there are ways to lessen the blow and let the healing process begin. We … Continue reading…

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