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Andrew Peterson: You’ll Find Your Way


As parents, it’s tough to watch our kids grow up because it means we’re slowly releasing them out into the world to make it on their own. They’ll face challenges, heartbreak, disappointments, and will be discouraged. That’s part of life. But listen as musical artist Andrew Peterson shares hope for you and your child.

In case you missed it, be sure to read yesterday’s post by Andrew with 5 things you want your children to know.

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Odd Thomas: Growing Up Fatherless


Many children grow up with an absent father, whether physically or emotionally. Either way, the effect it has on the child is devastating. Listen as one man shares his pain and feelings about growing up without a father.

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Jonny Diaz: More Beautiful You


There’s a lot of pressure on young ladies today to look not just good, but magazine style hot.  This can be a recipe for disaster and cause all kinds of self-image problems.  As your daughter’s father, look to praise her beauty – both internal and external.  Johnny Diaz’s More Beautiful You does this well.

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L.O.V.E. by Justin Forsett


Seattle Seahawks running back, Justin Forsett, made an R&B music video for his wife, Angela, for their one-year anniversary.  This is definitely the best love song ever performed by an NFC West player.  Enjoy!

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Casting Crowns: Courageous Official Music Video

Be sure to see the movie Courageous with your wife – a powerful film celebrating fatherhood.  Below is a video inspired by the film from the Grammy Award winning band Casting Crowns.

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