Best Life Lessons Learned From a Sports Dad


All three of my kids play youth sports throughout the course of the year. You will find me on the sidelines with a team shirt and whistle as one of the volunteer coaches. I am what you would call a sports dad. For roughly the last 10 years, since … Continue reading…

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The Solution for the Passive Husband

passive husband

In the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen, Steve Martin’s character is a father of twelve. If you haven’t seen the movie, you can imagine the craziness that many children can bring. They move in to a house next to a couple with an only child. The wife is over-protective, … Continue reading…

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What Type of Person Are You Becoming?

understanding your heart

One day when I was playing with my son in his room, I noticed these interesting soft spots, almost dimples, in his wall. I thought there might be a leak somewhere, so I called a plumber. He confirmed that there wasn’t a leak, but I had subterranean termites eating … Continue reading…

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10 Common Mistakes Men Make in Life

mistakes men make

Elvis Presley was once asked to describe his life in one word. His answer? “Alone.” How can a man seen by hundreds of thousands on stage and listened to by millions feel so lonely? He made the mistake many of us make by not surrounding himself with “go-to” guys … Continue reading…

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3 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Wife

fall back in love

This month, we change our clocks as part of daylight savings time. This is somewhat new for me because residents of Indiana haven’t always adjusted their clocks. It took me a few years to remember if I should move our clocks up an hour or back an hour. Finally, … Continue reading…

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