7 Common Double Standards in Marriage

double standards in marriage

A friend of mine is married to an elementary school teacher. His wife has to get up early and needs her sleep to have enough energy for the kids in her class. Quite often, she will go to bed earlier than my friend who is a night owl. Early … Continue reading…

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10 Specific Compliments to Give Your Children

specific compliments to give your children

Baseball umpires are often vilified by fans and players alike. The best umps, like the best offensive lineman, are anonymous. You should hardly notice them. But when they do make a mistake, they’re noticed and hated. So what does this have to do with parenting? Everything. Is the only … Continue reading…

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Dangerous Lies Teen Girls Believe

lies teen girls believe

I cannot express how thankful I am to live in the age of modern medicine. When reading about medieval medical practices, I have come to a solid conclusion. If I lived during that time, more than likely with all of the injuries I have sustained, I would have died … Continue reading…

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The Blinding Power of Denial

power of denial

The power of denial is so prevalent that I am sure there will be comments denying it is even a problem. We put on blinders to hide us from unpleasant realities so that we don’t have to face them. Some of us are more habitual than others. Denial is a … Continue reading…

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How to Escape the TV Trap and Limit Screen Time

limit screen time

Brad stopped by his friend Steve’s house to drop off some tools he’d borrowed and to enjoy a brief visit. One of Steve’s kids was watching baseball in the kitchen. So they grabbed their coffee and moved into the family room—only to find Steve’s wife was watching a loud … Continue reading…

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