Kayden + Rain


For most of us, rain is an unwelcomed visitor and an added hassle to the routine of our day. But for one little girl, it is pure delight and “liquid sunshine” if you will. Watch this short video of Kayden experiencing rain for the very first time. We think you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

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Do Your Kids Get in the Way of Your Marriage?

A Couple Holding Their Kids

Once you get married, the relationship with your spouse becomes more important than any other relationship, right? Of course. But does it really look like that for you? When you have kids, things seem to change. It makes me wonder…do my kids get in the way of my marriage? … Continue reading…

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Practical Money Tips to Teach Your Kids

Share, Spend, Save Tool

Nearly 30 percent of Americans report having more credit card debt than emergency savings. Another study found that 44 percent of households are “liquid asset poor,” meaning they have less than three months’ worth of savings. Much like our government, many Americans are deep in debt and low in … Continue reading…

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Life Hack for Dads: Git-R-Done!

Life Hacks for Dads

There are many moments in life when we overthink the situation. But by the time we’ve studied it, observed it, and contemplated it…the situation has passed or gotten worse. Sometimes we just need to handle the issue immediately in the best way possible. This is where life hacks come … Continue reading…

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One Shining Moment: Filling Your Life with Many

Dad and Son Playing Basketball

“The ball is tipped and there you are you’re running for your life you’re a shooting star” Some of you read those words and began to sing (or hum) the rest of the words to the song. For those of you who don’t recognize the lyrics, they are from … Continue reading…

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