What to Say and What Not to Say to a Couple Struggling to Get Pregnant


I’m guilty a million times over. It is difficult to see anyone in pain, particularly a loved one. It might be me just wanting them to be ok. It could also be my desire to alleviate the discomfort of awkward silence. Maybe I just want to solve the problem … Continue reading…

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School

help kids adjust

When I was in fifth grade my family moved states. I was a long way from my friends and the life I loved. The environment was different and I didn’t want to be there. The change was almost unbearable, in fact it made me physically nauseous. All I wanted … Continue reading…

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Don’t Blink


It may seem like days pass slowly, but years somehow seem to fly by faster than a speeding bullet. That being said, it’s important to pay attention to the present moment and enjoy each day as it comes. Because, before long, those days will turn to years long gone. We love this song from Kenny Chesney and think you will too. While it’s impossible not to blink, we love the message behind his song, “Don’t Blink.”

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Enjoy the Moment and Don’t Blink


It was a beautiful morning as I walked into the office after the weekend. I was relieved, but also deeply concerned. After a scare in my wife’s pregnancy, the doctors put her on bed rest for several months. She couldn’t work and our income was cut in half. “How … Continue reading…

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10 Tips for Teaching Excellence to Your Kids


One of your most important tasks as a parent is to teach your children skills that will help them excel in life. According to Vicki Caruana’s book, Giving Your Child the Excellence Edge, parents play an integral part in determining if their children will succeed—not only in school, but in their future … Continue reading…

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