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Dads and daughters share a special relationship that will change a father’s heart and build a daughter’s confidence. Invest in your relationship with your daughter with this advice.

signs of anorexia

My Daughter is Showing Signs of Anorexia

"It all started for me when I was 8 years old," a friend of mine recently shared. She said, "I would sit at the kitchen table looking at Vogue magazine and even Victoria's Secret." She would look at the pictures of the women in the magazines and pick out the ones she thought were the prettiest. In her mind, it set an expectation that one day she should eventually look like the women in those photos. When she got a little older, she realized that she would never look like those girls or even the popular girls at her school. The image in the mirror was a disappointment to her because it didn't meet a standard of what she thought was pretty. . . .

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