Teaching kids to respect authority, play fairly and love others are just a few of the vital things fathers need to keep in mind in order to raise responsible adults. These resources will help you with all of this and more.

obey your parents

How to Get Your Kids to Obey Right Away

How many times do you tell your kids something before they actually do what you’ve said? How many times do you repeat instructions or give warnings to your kids? If you said any number more than one, then you may be the problem with their lack of action or listening. Before I go on, I have to admit I have been the king of repeating instructions to my kids. There was a time where I rarely gave them one instruction. Not to make light of anyone who stutters, but you’d almost think I had a stuttering problem. “Go get your shoes on...go get your shoes on.” It's like I'm saying repeatedly, "Obey your parents" to deaf ears. . . .

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