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understanding politics

10 Things You Need to Teach Your Kids About Politics

A well-known adage declares that polite conversation always steers family away from politics, religion, or sex. We say, if we’re not talking about these things in our family, then our kids are most certainly having the conversations elsewhere. Elsewhere should never be the primary source of facts, discussion, advice and grounding when we have the opportunity to talk about important matters at home. This time, it’s politics, and it’s a subject that’s always timely. But never more than now. I don't think I have ever seen a Presidential race this contentious. We don’t want you to necessarily think like us, but we do want you to think. And we want you to teach your children how important it is to replace bias, rumor, prejudice, and misinformation with a thoughtful look at what makes politics tick. The greatest enemy of freedom is a people unprepared to engage in intelligent debate and thoughtful decision-making. Don’t be that guy. Here are 10 things we all need to think about when it comes to engaging in and understanding politics. . . .

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