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millenials living at home

10 Guidelines When a Young Adult Child Moves Home

Several months ago a millennial wrote an open letter to the CEO of Yelp, who just so happened to employ her. She laid out her inability to afford the cost of living in San Francisco and the changes he should make to help not only her situation but the other employees. Even those who agreed with her arguments had to admit that the tone of her letter was unwise and, not surprisingly, she was fired the next day. The story went viral, prompting both critics and sympathizers. One thing is undeniable; the job prospects for millennials and housing affordability is difficult. As a result, more and more young adults are moving back with their parents. We need to be prepared for the potential of that day. It’s good to be thinking about creating guidelines before your adolescent leaves the nest for the first time. Here are the 10 guidelines for the millennials living at home. . . .

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