Parenting teens requires different techniques than parenting younger children. Read these articles for tips on how to navigate your family through the teen years intact.

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4 Things to Not Allow from Your Teen

The moments spent hanging with my daughters brings me joy. I love it. We have inside jokes, favorite activities, shared interests and tons of laughs. As much as I enjoy their company, they are not and cannot be my friends. I am their parent, and they are my children. Setting boundaries is vital to uphold the parent/child relationship. Teens will also cross those boundaries when acting out in rebellion. They will test their parents to see how far they can push it. This is perfectly normal. In order for our teens to grow into maturity, parents have the difficult duty to enforce discipline and rules. [Tweet This]. We have to set the standard of respecting authority in their formative years so that they may thrive later in their own careers, relationships, and parenting. . . .

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