Marriage Tips

Ever wish marriage came with an instruction manual? While we can’t provide that, we can offer marriage tips for men to help you love your wife well.

loving your wife

Leading and Loving Your Wife Ain’t Always Easy

Over the last four years, I've been writing to encourage men, primarily men who are married, to encourage them to lead and love their wives in the best way they can. The reason I started this was because I was struggling so much myself. I didn't start writing out of my expertise unless you call repeatedly messing up expertise. Instead, I started doing so because I knew I needed to do better, and I thought I could connect with and encourage other men who were in the same boat. Iron sharpens iron. If you're married, you know leading and loving your wife isn't always easy; but like me, you were created to lead and love your wife know matter how hard or even confusing it is. [Tweet This] Most of us are comfortable with the notion of the leadership of a team, at work, in the community or perhaps even in ministry. But not so much at home. Our challenge is first determining what that looks like with our wives and at home. Some leaders you've been under may be more on the dictatorship side. Or, maybe that is your leadership style at work. But that's not going to get us great results in our marriages. So how do we lead and love, or lead our wives with love? Here are three ways to do both. . . .

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