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Facing Financial Problems with Resolve

David Akers walked into the kitchen to finally tell his wife. Feeling weak, he had to put his hand on the counter to hold himself up. That's when she asked, "What's wrong? You have been acting weird the past couple of days." What she didn't know was that the money was gone. Akers was in his ninth year as a kicker with the Philadelphia Eagles and had gone to three Pro Bowls. He had earned millions of dollars. Several days before, he had received a call from the FBI. Although he had done his due diligence and sought the advice from wise business experts prior, the money he had invested with Triton Financial to purchase real estate had been illegally diverted by the company's chief executive. Now eight years of NFL salary, close to four million dollars, was gone. Fortunately, Akers has a wife that cares more about relationships than she does about material things. While losing that amount of money hurts, a strange look of relief came over her face. She said, "Thank God. I thought you were going to say you were leaving me or something. As long as we are together, we will be fine." That unique perspective has helped them approach each day from a position of strength rather than fear. It is my pleasure to announce that David Akers, a married father of three, has become an All Pro Dad NFL Spokesman. Here are 5 thoughts that helped him face his financial problems with courage and resolve. . . .

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