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When Nobody is Looking

The Ashley Madison website hack has served to bring to light the tragic possibilities when we dabble in darkness. Recently, a New Orleans pastor and seminary professor took his own life after his name appeared on the list with tens of millions of others. He left behind his wife and two children. In a final note, he spoke of his depression, his name on that list, and how he was sorry. It's sorrowful to imagine the mental strain he was under. His family, coworkers, and friends all exclaimed that he was a loving, forgiving man. Yet somehow he couldn't extend that to himself. We tempt losing everything when we make the dangerous to pursue dangerous things in secrecy. If we are doing things that we wouldn't share with those closest to us, we are in a precarious place. [Tweet This] Living fully transparent is not an easy accomplishment. It has taken me a great portion of my life to emerge completely from all the shadows of my youth and young adult life. As Gregg Allman once famously sang, "I'm no angel." Yet what is done in secret will eventually come to the surface. We need to examine our lives and root out those things that cause us shame, guilt or endanger the future of the families we lead. In this article, we'll look at some of the common places men hide in the dark and talk about how we can get out of them. . . .

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