2012 NFL Tragedies


The NFL has recently been faced with two tragedies involving the death of two players. More specifically, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys. It’s important to note that the NFL is not immune to the issues that plague society such as alcohol abuse, relationship issues, and making wise decisions.  Both of these instances can be used as teaching tools for your teen as you discuss the importance of making good choices.

  • Miles Elder

    Good words, Coach. I used this as an opening to discuss drunk driving with my 16-year-old, and I think she listened.

  • http://twitter.com/danjordan21 workingdan

    Well said, coach! Many people tend to forget the NFL players, or any celebrity for that matter, are still human and are not immune to the same troubles that plague the more common population. No one is above anything!

    I hope people learn from this and evaluate their decision making practices that lead to such tragedies!

  • craig miles

    Hoping your points land on many ears.. Also hoping the Peace that passes all understanding can be with these families and organizations.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MichaelLWebbSR Michael L Webb

    I wonder if there were any Father’s or mentors in these youngmen’s lives other than their coaches. We never get told as men we need advice and guidance during each phase of our lives. Moses was up in years old yet he still heeded the advice of his Father in Law Jethro.

  • Gary Barker

    A painful reminder that there are hurting people everywhere in all walks of life. After all the talk concerning these tragic events fade into the background making room for the next “big story”, may we all ask ourselves what am I doing daily to make a positive difference in the lives of those I come in contact with, especially with those closest to me. Our prayers go out to these families during this time of loss. Please pray for Tony Dungy as he often mentors younger players. Pray that they would take the steps needed to be great in the game of life.