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How to Find Courage

Lynn Swann was one of the finest receivers to ever play the game of football. A star out of Southern Cal, Lynn was a great player with the Steelers. Lynn also took ballet-not very popular for men in the 1970s. But Lynn felt that ballet would improve his body control … Continue reading…

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My NFL Super Bowl 2015 Plans For NBC

We’re on the road to the NFL Super Bowl 2015! This weekend’s games will determine who will be playing in the AFC and NFC Championship games. I’m getting excited to see which teams make it to the big game. Here are my Super Bowl plans for NBC.

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My Thoughts On Ferguson, Eric Garner, and Our Nation

In the last couple of weeks we have seen racial tensions rise due to several disturbing incidents, in Ferguson and New York. Here are my thoughts on these tragedies and what we can learn in the process.

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