How to Find Courage

find courage

Lynn Swann was one of the finest receivers to ever play the game of football. A star out of Southern Cal, Lynn was a great player with the Steelers. Lynn also took ballet-not very popular for men in the 1970s. But Lynn felt that ballet would improve his body control and consequently help him become […]

My NFL Super Bowl 2015 Plans For NBC

We’re on the road to the NFL Super Bowl 2015! This weekend’s games will determine who will be playing in the AFC and NFC Championship games. I’m getting excited to see which teams make it to the big game. Here are my Super Bowl plans for NBC.

How You Respond Makes All the Difference

how you respond

My dad was always fascinated by how and why things worked, but at the end of the day, he was most concerned with character. He believed that  most of life was an object lesson, and he always found ways to pass those lessons on to his kids. One day I was complaining to him about […]

The Second Wave: Making Each Child Feel Special

making each child feel special

It can be challenging making each child feel special when you’re raising multiple children. Lauren and I have nine children and can definitely relate to that challenge. Making each child feel special doesn’t have to be as complicated as our minds tend to make it. Here are a few simple things you can do.

Turning a Losing Culture Into a Winning One

losing culture

When I arrived in Tampa, the talent was there. It was the culture that had to change. The coaches and myself in Minnesota knew that if we could get the Bucs down early, they would give up, and we could win easily. But if they started well, they would be competitive with us to the […]

Thinking About Work and Money

work and money

“The mercenaries will always beat the draftees, but the volunteers will crush them both.” – Chuck Noll Work is good. My good friend, Tony Evans, a pastor in Dallas says that we were created to work. “Before Adam had Eve, he had a job,” he says. Work is good. Adding value is positive. I’ve seen […]

How Do You Define Success?

how do you define success

“I would rather play well and lose than play poorly and win.” –Chuck Noll We had improved from 1996 to 1997, and we should have kept improving in 1998. Instead, we finished 8-8 with the most inconsistent playing of any team I’ve ever fielded. We’d play well one week and badly the next. Our problems […]