A Charlie Brown Christmas

  I’m sure many of you have a favorite Christmas movie or TV show that you look forward to watching each year.  My favorite is “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and I’ve loved it since I was a little boy. Here’s more on why it’s my favorite.  

Summer Plans for the Dungys

  It’s the time of year where school is winding down and I know in the Dungy household we begin to think about summer plans.  Our kids are excited as they have a couple sleep away camps that they will go to.  Our family has made it a tradition the last couple years to go […]

My Take on the Trayvon Martin Case

  In the last month, many people have shared their thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case and the facts that continue to surface. The biggest thing I see, is that we are beginning to operate under a fear mentality. Here’s more of what I think about the recent events surrounding this case.

What to Look for in a Future Spouse

  My wife Lauren and I are thrilled that our oldest daughter is engaged to be married, and we are hopeful for the time when our other children are as well. But, as parents, our job has been to teach our children what to look for in a future spouse. Here’s what my wife and […]

Merry Christmas to You!

  During the holiday season, there is a lot to be excited about. There are parties, presents, playoffs, and more. But I want to take a minute and remind you of the real reason we celebrate at Christmastime. The birth of Jesus Christ. Take a moment to reflect on his birth and life this Christmas […]