How Can You Make It Better?


I can still remember the day I heard that Dr. Martin Luther King was killed. As a kid, I was frustrated and upset. Fortunately, my father shared some great advice with me and encouraged me to ask the question, “How can I make it better?” when situations in life are uncertain and disappointing. Here are more of my thoughts.


And be sure to check out Dr. King’s I Have a Dream Speech.

  • DeeWA2008

    Just found your All Pro Dad. NICE… I am 59, Caucasian, from the Pacific NW. I, too, lived through April 1968, also Nov 1963, & June 1968. Molded who I am. I founded YUP! Youth Unlimited Partnership in 1996, a program for high-risk youth, our community in the middle of a bloody & fatal gang problem. (also opened a boarding house with structure for 18-21 yr old single homeless mothers). I, like you too, lost a child; my 25 yr old son to a drunk driver in 2004.We are VERY much alike, and oh so different in sex & color, and on opposite sides of the country. Keep up the good work AND WORDS.

  • John Theillon

    Thank you, Coach Dungy! Outstanding thoughts, words and such. As always.

  • K.J.

    Mr. Tony Dungy, you are truly an awesome man and I along with so many other people appreciate you and the things you do to educate, inspire, encourage, and enlighten others!