Dungy's Diary

My Fantasy NFL Franchise Draft


With the different NFL coaching changes taking place this week, I started thinking who I would want if I could begin my own fantasy franchise.  I picked a General Manager, Head Coach, and one player to start my franchise. My choices are below, but who would you pick to start your franchise?

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  • http://twitter.com/JimBobv2 James Weise

    GM – Ted Thompson

    Head Coach – Bill Belichick

    Player – Aaron Rodgers

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Pritchard/163801605 Mark Pritchard

    GM – Bill Parcels

    Head Coach – John Harbaugh

    Player – Patrick Willis

  • SuperChief113

    GM- Bill Polian

    Coach- Chip Kelly

    QB- Peyton manning

  • Kris

    Tony, very surprised you would take a Coach who is dishonest and rules through intimidation, completely opposite of your own coaching methods. He certainly does not do it “The Lord’s Way.”

  • Kris

    President/Director of Football Operations: Tony Dungy
    Coach: Pete Carroll
    Player: Peyton Manning (for 1-3 years) RGIII Long term

  • http://twitter.com/JWalkdor Jeff Walker

    GM – Ernie Accorsi

    Head Coach – Chuck Pagano

    Players – Andrew Luck and Adrian Peterson

  • Jbo

    GM: Bill Parcels
    Coach: Bill Belichek
    Player: Andrew Luck or Patrick Willis

  • Jim Adams

    GM- Bill Parcels
    Coach- Tony Dungy
    Player- Peyton Manning

  • Dakota

    Kris, come on man. He’s probably giving the less bias list and not judging the vast majority of coaches.

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