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My Take: NFL Replacement Officials


One of the biggest questions about this NFL season was regarding the replacement officials, but I think they’ve done a fine job in the first few weeks. They have room to improve, and haven’t gotten every call right, but they’ve done a great job and I’m proud of the way the season has started with players, coaches, and officials working together.

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  • Thomas Wilson

    I agree with you Tony. There has been good sportsmenship all season so far. I hope we see it all season. Everyone is trying. (It’s good to see Payton again. But I can’t get used to that orange yet lol.) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK THAT YOU DO.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blake.alcorn.1 Blake Alcorn

    I saw plenty of bad calls in week one but not any that effected the game too much. But, in week two I saw more and more bad calls. These replacement officials are not doing a good enough job and its a shame that the NFL has let the negotiations with the regular officials all through. The NFL is not putting out as quality of a product as usual.

  • Linda

    Although I am sure that all of the replacement officials are trying their best, I do believe that not all of them are doing as well as expected. I understand that some of the rules and penalties are different in the NFL then they are in the college games that they are used to officiating but there was a training period; (2 months, I believe is what I heard), and I believe that they should be doing a better job. At the same time though, nobody’s perfect and the regular officials make mistakes too. I just hope that all of the coaches, players, fans and media give them a little bit more of a break; it’ll get better- but I do hope that the regular officials get back to work soon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffmcdowell2 Jeff McDowell

    I believe the replacement officials are doing a great job. Sure, they are making mistakes. However, I feel that their mistakes are being more scrutinized because they are replacements and not the regular guys. I am a football official and I have seen plenty of bad, blown or missed calls by the regular officials that were worse than what the replacement officials are getting criticized for doing. It is a tougher job than most people realize.

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