My Thoughts on Absolute Truth vs. Relativism


Is there such a thing as absolute truth?  Yes there is and it’s important to hold on to it.  In this short video I will tell you where it’s found.

  • Russ Baugh

    Thank you! God’s Word is ROCK solid truth. Thanks for leading us to the truth Mr. Dungy.

  • SpeakMyMind2011

    Coach Dungy,

    Thank you for always standing for truth, even with all of the worldliness around you in the area of sports. I also stand with you on the Sam draft opinion. I would have never drafted him either, for the same reason that you gave, and some others…

    Praise God for you, Coach!


  • IdPnSD

    Truth comes only from the laws of nature. Nature always demonstrates its laws. Therefore truth is unique and universal.

    It is universal in both space and in time. What is true on Earth must be true on Mars or in any other galaxy. Similarly what was true million years back is also true now and will remain true in all future times. We must learn this absolute, unique, and universal truth from the demonstrations given by nature, just like Galileo did. Such truth cannot be created by mathematics, physics sitting inside our homes or laboratories.

    For more details take a look at the free book on Soul Theory at the blog site – – the first chapter is on Truth.