Dungy's Diary

Which New NFL Coach Will Stand Out?

There are seven new coaches in the NFL this year. They all have one goal in mind: Turn their organizations around and get them into the playoffs. Out of all the new coaches there’s one coach who I think can make the quickest turn around.

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My NCAA 2014 Football Predictions

The NCAA 2014 football season is in full swing. This is the first year there will be a play off for the National Championship. Who’s going to get to the final four? Here are my predictions.

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What We Can Learn From The Ray Rice Situation

We’re in the 2nd week of the NFL season. Unfortunately the buzz right now is not about any team or play, but the Ray Rice situation. The NFL was left with no choice but, to suspend Ray indefinitely. It seems like there might be more ramifications that affect the league due to Ray’s choices. As horrible as this situation is I believe there’s something we can all learn.

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