Stay the Course

stay the course

The Colts left Baltimore in 1984 when Jim Irsay’s father moved the club to Indianapolis via a caravan of moving vans. We saw footage of those vans continuously the weekend we played the Ravens during our playoff run in 2006. As I watched the coverage, I noticed that while they may have been packing their […]

Building a Team of Champions

dungy diary

Football fans are counting down the seconds to the 2015 NFL Draft this Thursday. My Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the coveted first-round draft pick. It seems obvious that their pick will boil down to either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota. If I was making the pick, I would choose Mariota. He was an unbelievable quarterback […]

Setting Goals and Taking Risks

setting goals

Matt Emmons is a world-champion marksman. In the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece, he had a significant lead when he entered the final round of the 50-meter, three position rifle competition. He hit the bull’s-eye on his three shots, then looked on, puzzled, as the automatic scoring system did not credit his shots. He […]

Making Good Choices

making good choices

Leroy Rocquemore was an African American administrator at our predominately white junior high school. Although he took a personal interest in all the kids, he seemed to pay special attention to the African American boys. He wanted to make sure that we grew as people, not just as athletes. He often took us to basketball […]

The Importance Of Easter

dungy diary

During the football season we celebrate two great holidays in Thanksgiving and Christmas. When spring arrives we look forward to Mother’s and Father’s Day. Then the summer brings the Fourth of July. However, one holiday in the spring sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. Here are my thoughts why I consider Easter the most important […]

How to Treat a Woman

how to treat a woman

A few years back, during a press conference preceding a playoff game, a reporter asked me what I had done Friday afternoon to prepare—presumably for the game. But Friday afternoons during the season have always been personal time for us as a staff. I learned from Chuck Noll that you don’t change your schedule just […]

Uncommon Fathers

uncommon fathers

In the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, Derek Redmond believed he could win a silver medal for Great Britain. After five years of daily training and eight operations on his Achilles tendons, Derek had won the first two heats and was running in the semifinals of the 400 meters. Things were going as planned […]

Why Positive Thinking is Important

positive thinking

Life is challenging. I wish I could tell you that you’ll always be on top of the mountain. The reality is that there are days when nothing will go right, when not only will you not be on top, you may not even be able to figure out which way is up. Do yourself a […]

Rules for Arguing with Your Wife

arguing with your wife

It’s natural for married couples to have disagreements from time to time. Lauren and I frequently have “discussions” on whose opinion is right. If you find yourself arguing with your wife, there are some boundaries you should set so you don’t make matters worse and ruin your relationship.

How to Find Courage

find courage

Lynn Swann was one of the finest receivers to ever play the game of football. A star out of Southern Cal, Lynn was a great player with the Steelers. Lynn also took ballet-not very popular for men in the 1970s. But Lynn felt that ballet would improve his body control and consequently help him become […]