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Why Marriage is Like Football


Think back to when you first fell in love with your wife. You couldn’t get enough of her, and your heart was going 100 miles per hour. To me it is very similar to a football game. Learn how from Chapter 11 of mine and Lauren’s new book, Uncommon Marriage.

“I compare it (marriage) to playing a football game. You start off with energy fueled by adrenaline for the opening kickoff. You’re so pumped up, and there’s just nothing like it. The whistle blows and your find yourself flying down the field 100 miles per hour. But you don’t have enough adrenaline in your body to keep the emotion at that level for sixty minutes. You have to calm down a little bit and play the rest of the game.

So many problems in marriage occur when spouses notice that the intense physical attraction is no longer there and assume that must mean that the love is gone. They figure either they’ve changed or the other person has changed, but in any event, they’re no longer getting the instant emotional payoff they had at first.”

Does that sound like your marriage? At some point this happens because you just can’t keep that up. When it happens, don’t confuse it with a problem with your spouse or your marriage. You are no longer getting that emotional high, but it’s okay. Just stay calm and play the rest of the “game.”

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The #1 Thing That Got Our Marriage Off to a Great Start



“If I had to name the number one thing that got our marriage off to a great start, it was finding the right church home. It provided a really solid foundation for us as a newlywed couple. At Bethany, we established the habit of spending time talking about God – and to God – together.

Wednesday night was Bible study night, and Pastor Farmer would have us read different Scripture passages and pray in small groups. It was great for us to see so many couples, like the Cephases, praying together. Through their example, we learned how a marriage becomes stronger when couples make praying and spiritual conversations a priority.”

What did you do to get your marriage off to a great start?

This is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of our newest book, Uncommon Marriage.

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Uncommon Marriage Book Release


My new book Uncommon Marriage, which I wrote with my wife Lauren, releases today. Autographed and personalized copies are available. Watch this short interview below

And here’s a short video of our time on the Today Show yesterday morning.

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