Throwback Thursday: Get in the Game


With college football kicking off tonight, I thought I’d share some highlights that the University of Minnesota posted of my time as a player. This footage brings back great memories for me and I think you’ll agree it’s definitely a Throwback Thursday clip.

That was a glimpse of my time in the game, why don’t you get Get in the Game today? Enter to win a breakfast and studio tour with me in New York City hosted by h.h. gregg and All Pro Dad!

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  • jbledsoejr

    Nice! And impressive! I’ve never seen footage of you Tony…this is pretty cool. You were kind of “that guy!” Thanks for sharing!

  • Daniel Mogg

    Coach Dungy with the shake & bake!

  • Steve Aldrich

    I had the good fortune to watch Tony play when he was in high school… and NOT just football. Great athlete and a continuing great role model.

  • Kevin Barrett

    I remember well your time at the University of Minnesota.. and you playing on the grid iron… I lived in North Oaks and worked for 3M…

    I admired, not only your poise and character on the field but more importantly off the field… here is what I posted recently on Linkedin about your MLK posting…

    “I was living in Minnesota when Tony Dungy was QB for the University of Minnesota… I remember saying that I thought he was a “Class Act” back then… When I returned from Australia I found out he was the Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few years before I returned and everyone kept saying he was a “Class Act”…. At Indianapolis… he was a “Class Act”…. he continues to be a “Class Act”…. and inspires many Young Men to be “ALL PRO DAD’s”..

    When I returned here I played basketball at the New Tampa YMCA, with many of the Buc’s… I also remember your Son… We were all deeply effected….

  • Linda

    Nice moves Coach!! Thanks for sharing the footage. Defintely Throwback Thursday!

  • Terrell Patillo

    Hello, this is Terrell Patillo from Pittsburgh, tim Patillo(s) brother. I wanted to know do you still have my Patillo Manuscript that I gave you…call me 724 622 9216

  • Daryl Smith

    Sweet Moves Coach Dungy! Go Dawgs!

  • Scott

    Great tribute!
    Not sure what I like better: the 70’s music or the announcers voice.
    By the way, just how hard was that astro turf? Ouch!