Which Championship Ring Would You Most Like to Have?


With the World Series starting tonight and so many sports going on during the Fall, it got me wondering which other championship symbol of excellence I’d like to have.  I’m fortunate and blessed to have two Super Bowl rings – one for Super Bowl XIII as a player and Super Bowl XLI as a coach. But, if I could have another symbol of excellence would it be the Green Jacket from the Masters?  A World Series ring? An NBA Championship? An NCAA Basketball Ring?  That’s a tough question for me.

I loved basketball so much growing up that an NBA Championship would be tough to pass up. But when I think about our national past time and this time of year, a World Series ring would be pretty special as well.

So it’s a tough call, but I think I have the best one in the Super Bowl Ring because, to me, it’s a one game knock out.  You don’t get six or seven games.   From that standpoint, a Green Jacket would be extra special too because, while it’s a four day tournament, you have to get the job done on the final day.

I think a championship where you have one shot to do it would be it for me.  I’m curious, which championship ring would you most like to have?

  • http://twitter.com/fleisdav David Fleis

    World Series Ring… For sure, baseball’s my favorite sport

  • http://www.facebook.com/LONNIECHUNKYROBERSON Lonnie Roberson

    that is a tough choice coach….basketball is my favorite sport….but the thought of having one shot…win or go home @ getting a ring as in football does sound good to me….if you stop and think about it…in hoops you risk the chance of inury as you do in any sport but the mmultiple games you have to paly to get that rings enhances the risk….make sense ???

  • Roy Falletta

    I am Canadian but an American at heart when it comes to sports. However, I do think that the Stanley Cup is the hardest championship to win. 82 game season and they you have to win 16 games….that potentially could take you 28….all in a sport that is brutally physical. I have never played at a professional level in any sport but I have to believe there is no other achievement as mentally and physically difficult.

  • Marlon

    Hi Coach,
    I did not play sports and wish that I had. To me, all the wins are exhilarating and tough. Baseball seems like the most difficult because it is difficult to score. With Golf, if you can beat the course par pretty well, you can probably handle the field. It isn’t more easy, it just seems easier than baseball. All I can say is that I am glad to be in this country, where we have so many sports that we can enjoy. I will answer with a basketball championship. That seems to be the most enjoyable to me.

  • http://twitter.com/thepeschels Eric Peschel

    There are only two rings I want. One is my kids giving me the ring for being the best dad. Most important is God’s ring that says… “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

  • Craig Downen

    I’d have to agree with Eric Peschel on the father’s Rings, (both Father’s). Most of us guys will never win a National championship or even make a local highlight clip, but to have the admiration of my own boys, and a few from the block for being a Godly example is good enough for me. Coach, would you come to our Father’s day celebration at our church? see Facebook post for details. Thanks

  • chas

    Hello my husband would choose the Pittsburgh Steelers Championship ring. HE and my son are die hard fans. I am trying to find him the perfect gift from the Steelers for Christmas, but having a hard time wit it. My husband is an ALL PRO DAD in my book, he is a loyal father, dedicated husband and an outstanding friend to the guys. Over all he is just wonderful. Help with a decision on a gift please thank you!!!

  • Jamie Lapeyrolerie

    You have to be the MVP to get this ring, but I would take the ring for the World Cup. I gotta go with my favorite sport :)