The Absolute Best Way to Spend Your Holiday Time Off

The holidays are here and you finally have some down time. You’re ready to take advantage of these days and finally knock out all those household projects you’ve wanted to do or maybe you want to put your feet up and catch all of the college bowl games.

But wait just a minute. Your family is looking forward to your holiday time off, too. They are excited for long days and nights with you at home. Don’t set yourself up for holiday failure by planning project after project or ignore your family in lieu of football. Change your focus and make your holiday time off about truly enjoying family time and making memories together.

I have made this mistake plenty of times. Then, when it’s time for me to go back to work, I may have accomplished all of my grand plans, but I missed out on some great opportunities for family time. Don’t repeat my mistake. The absolute best way to use your holiday time off is by spending it on what matters most.

1. Be flexible.

You may work from a rigid schedule at work, but now is not the time for that.  Throw that out the window.  During this time, be flexible and even spontaneous.  Be prepared to go with the (family) flow.

2. Be intentional.

No matter what you do, try to include your family as much as possible. They are going to be so excited and looking forward to a lot of uninterrupted time with you.  But if you are not engaged with them, they’ll be very disappointed.  Even without planning everything, you can be intentional and focused on making family time a priority.

3. Be relaxed.

Your main goal is to love on your family well!  And let them love on you too.  So take it easy, relax, and don’t pressure yourself to do a whole lot.

4. Be creative.

If you live where it snows, you have some great opportunities for winter fun.  You can go sledding, ice skating, or even skiing. Date nights can get more creative in the winter.  Think outside the box and do some fun, creative things with your family.

5. Be fun.

Above all else, have fun and be the fun for your family.  Making this time full of family and fun will have you ready to go back to work and take on the world when your time off ends. Just be sure not to over schedule your family.

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