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10 Force Multipliers of All Pro Dads

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A force multiplier, most commonly referred to in a military endeavor, is a factor that dramatically increases (multiplies) the effectiveness of an item or group. Wouldn’t you like to utilize something like that in your role as a dad? You know, put your hands on the parenting equivalent of a helicopter load of Special Ops guys or a landing craft of Navy Seals? Something that increases your effectiveness as a dad? Well, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Here are 10 force multipliers of dads.

1. Love-based leadership

As a dad, love is a huge asset, so do everything in the context of love. Let everything you do be done for the betterment of your kids.

2. Integrity

Integrity must be an across-the-board value that impacts family, business, recreation, and relationships. When our kids know with 100% surety that they can count on us and trust us, it adds a credibility multiplier to the entire parenting equation.

3. A great relationship with Mom

Effective parenting requires cooperation and respect when it comes to your kids’ mom.If you’re married, then keeping that relationship strong is better than a special ops team. Some dads are single or in blended families. Regardless, effective parenting requires cooperation and respect when it comes to your kids’ mom.

4. Extended family

Studies show the absence of a geographically close extended family is a factor contributing to instability. Extended family can be a multiplier to be reckoned with. Do all you can to keep those ties strong.

5. Affiliation with a church

Families who are an active part of a church have access to strong resources. Beneficial peer groups for kids and parents, instruction for families, day-by-day encouragement, preventative maintenance, and people both trained and willing to stand in the gap when necessary.

6. Be a learner

A dad who has the heart of a learner and an open spirit is well-equipped. A closed mind and a hard heart may feel strong – especially when you’re angry – but they are dangerous weaknesses.

7. Have courage

Have the courage to do what you know is right even when it’s unpopular. It takes courage to admit we need to learn, but then it takes courage to put those lessons into practice. Have the courage to do what you know is right even when it’s unpopular. Be open to learn, yes, and avoid a closed mind – but have courage when it’s time to act.

8. The ability to listen

As a multiplier, listening well means we know our children, they feel validated by our attention, and the relationship grows as a result. Effective parenting is impossible if we don’t have the care to invest our ears.

9. Humility

As a force multiplier for dads, humility accomplishes three things. 1) The understanding that it’s not all about me. 2) A reality check regarding the limits of what I can accomplish. 3) Keeping me open to a partnership with my child, my family, and other resources.

10. Authenticity

The dad who brings his authentic self to the parenting theater is way ahead of the man who tries to be the “cool” dad from school/church/television, the man other people tell him he should be, or the skewed memory of his own upbringing. We were each created with unique gifts. Discover who you are and develop those gifts in a supportive community. That’s the dad who can make a difference.

Sound off: What are some other force multipliers for dads?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is one thing good fathers have that bad fathers don’t? Why?”