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5 of the Best Things in Life That Money Can’t Buy

My dad went to a prestigious boarding school. His parents sent him to the nicest summer camps, bought him the best clothes, and the hottest cars. However, he lived his whole life with a void. He felt unloved by his parents. All of the money and stuff in the world couldn’t fill the void left by a lack of love and caring. In a culture dominated by materialism, the desire for fine possessions and the belief that these possessions will bring you happiness is ingrained in us. Every day we are confronted with the common opinion that money can solve your problems, make your dreams come true, and change your life for the better.

But the greatest things in this world are the things money can’t buy. They are rare and precious gifts. Here are five of the best things in life that truly represent the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

1. Your Child’s Laugh

Hearing your child’s happiness expressed in laughter is a precious and unforgettable moment. [Tweet This] When you trigger that laughter, it’s like nothing else in the world matters. Their giggles are like medicine; they can treat a bad day. Whether it’s from a funny face, a tickle, or a silly joke, the pure delight and delirium you give your children is certainly one of the best things in life.

2. Getting Outdoors

The outside world is open and free to everyone. The sky, trees, oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers, caves, deserts, and more are only some of the inspiring and beautiful traits of nature. Don’t neglect to appreciate these things, whether big or small. Look up, breathe deep into your lungs, and appreciate the beauty of the clouds or the night sky. This is for everyone. It is our planet, our playground, and our gift.

3. God’s Love

You may not believe in God, but to me this is the most important on this list. Although we may not always see it, God’s love is there. It is given in unexpected and special ways. What’s even better? Nothing can separate us from the gift of God’s love. No amount of money could buy Him. The thought that material possessions could buy the gladness God’s love has to offer is completely backwards. Thankfully, this love can be seen and truly appreciated daily.

4. Conversation with Good Friends

Feeling connection is what makes life full. No matter where it may be, talking with your friends can be therapeutic. Cost-free and no-strings-attached, these special moments in life when you can share your deepest and most important thoughts or silly and insignificant ideas with a friend are a true treasure. Don’t fail to acknowledge the power and peace-of-mind these relationships possess.

5. Your Wife’s Smile

Your wife’s smile can light up your life. It warms your heart and reminds you of falling in love with her. Money can’t buy this expression. The simplest things can make her beam. The children, a surprise, a sweet favor, or a kind whisper are only a few of the little things that make her smile, a charm that money can never buy.

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