loving your wife

5 Steps to Loving Your Wife Fully

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. That’s the name of a popular book by John Gray and a phrase used to describe the differences between men and women, husbands and wives. We look different, we are wired different, our anatomy is different, and we communicate differently. Boy, do we communicate differently!

With so many differences you’d think it’d be impossible for us to connect in our relationships, let alone love your wife fully. Sometimes you may feel like it’s a challenge to love your wife in the way she needs you, or that you are lacking something necessary to do so.

Loving somebody who is so different has been a challenge for me on occasion and I’m betting a challenge to you as well. But we aren’t lacking anything for this. In fact, we were born with everything we need to do so.  We are born with five senses that can be powerful when used to focus on loving our wives. We just have to realize this and be intentional about it.

Here are 5 ways to use your senses to love your wife fully.

1. Sense of hearing.

If your wife is reading this post, she’s probably happy this is listed first. While the order of this list is not necessarily by importance, hearing your wife is vital. More importantly, listening to your wife. Listening requires concentration and is something you consciously choose to do.

2. Sense of sight.

This one isn’t as difficult as the sense of hearing for most men. Many of us are visual. But don’t just see your wife physically, see her for all she is. Appreciate what you see in her, what you see her do, and see her as the most important relationship you have.

3. Sense of taste.

If she’s interested, find a way to be interested. It is easy to focus on what we enjoy. It’s not always easy to be as enthusiastic about our wives’ tastes. Develop a taste for your wife’s interests. If she’s interested, find a way to be interested. If she likes it, see how you can get involved.

4. Sense of smell.

My wife is very sensitive to smells, both good and bad. First, make sure your wife will be attracted to you by your smell. That may mean wearing cologne she prefers. You can also set the mood in your house by certain aromas. Think candles, flowers, and more.

5. Sense of touch.

My love language is physical touch, so I love to use my sense of touch to love my wife. If your wife’s love language is physical touch then be sure to express it. Even if it’s not a primary love language, a good back or foot rub, or a massage with no “intentions” is a great way to completely love your wife.

Whether it’s your five senses or anything else you have, find ways to love your wife. Fully loving your wife is all about using what you have to express your love and appreciation for her. Hopefully, what I’ve shared will help not only stimulate some creative ideas for you but stimulate your marriage as well.

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “What has been a time when you have felt truly loved by me?”