5 Ways to Make Your Wife Happy during the Holidays

“Oh by gosh by golly, it’s time for mistletoe and holly,” plays in the air with Frank Sinatra setting the mood in your home. On the surface, all appears calm and wonderful on the family front. The children have that special holiday glow in their eyes, your wife is creating smells from the kitchen that delight the senses, and even your dog is on his best behavior lately.

Holidays are a lot of fun. Yet, they can also be a bit like trying to navigate a mine field in battle. One false move and the whole thing can go up in smoke. Our wives are especially vulnerable at this time of the year, and if we aren’t aware of the pitfalls, serious damage to the marriage can occur. So to best love our wives as the type of men we are striving to be, here are some ideas to help your wife through to January.

When that month comes around and the bills come due, then it will be her turn to rescue you. But for now, let’s focus on her and the holidays.

Here are 5 ways to make your wife happy during the holidays:

1. The In-Law Syndrome.

Holidays are a time for families to be together, and when families get together, well we all know that can sometimes be a volatile mix. In even the best of families, with the nicest of people, there will always be some sort of tension somewhere. More often than not, that tension resides between the mother who raised you and the woman you are married to. Certainly not always the case, but it is well-documented to be one of the top causes of family conflict. Keep that in mind when your wife is busy making her special Christmas ham, and your mom is right beside her providing ‘helpful’ tips on what she is doing wrong. Observe the body language and tone of your bride, and when you see and hear that tension starting to build, it might be time to divert Mom away from the scene. Ask her about a holiday memory from your childhood as you gently lead her from the room. That technique is called conflict prevention and you’d be wise to master it.

2. Life Goes On.

Though it seems like reality has been suspended and we can live in Dreamland from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, the truth is that life and all of its mundane details still go on. During the holidays, the to-do list of your wife triples. Help ease that burden by pitching in and doing more than is expected from you. Wash those dishes in the sink. Pick up a vacuum without being asked. Clean the baseboards, a tedious and thankless job your wife doesn’t have time for, before company arrives. It is a 100% guarantee that if your wife walked in and found you cleaning the baseboards, then you are going to be a much loved man. The benefits you reap from that bit of sewing are between you and the wife.

3. Holiday Blues.

The holidays are an emotional time and they invoke lots of memories and old traditions. Not all of those memories are good, and this time of year can be painful to a lot of folks. Sadness and even depression can be common for women during the holidays. It is difficult for women to share those feelings, and they do not want you to try to “fix” them. What they are, however, craving is for a shoulder to cry on and to know how much they are loved and respected. All they need from you is to be there for them. Don’t worry, she will get over it and the smile will return very quickly. Women are super-strong like that.

4. Daddy Time with the Kids.

She has to finish off the shopping list, pick up the table linen from the dry cleaner, and go the grocery store one more time before family arrives. It only makes sense that all of that is easier to do without a toddler in one arm and her other arm holding the hand of your energetic 5 year old son. This is Daddy Time with the kids. Scoop them up and take them to the park, or maybe if you are in a cold climate, go have some fun with the sleds. Anything we can do, at all, to give Mom time to finish her chores and lower her stress level. Parenting is teamwork.

5. Thoughtful Gestures.

The holidays are the time for giving. Giving to those less fortunate than us, to the important people in our lives, and especially to the ones we love the very most. No need to wait until Christmas morning. You can spread out the gifts the entire holiday season. Thoughtful gestures mean the world to our wives. Unexpected flowers showing up at the door or the office, or coming home with dinner for the family so she can spend an evening out of the kitchen. The crown jewel of thoughtful gestures would be the spa day. Sending her out for a deep tissue massage to work out all of that



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