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5 Myths of Foster Care

Myths about Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster are entertaining, and even somewhat comical. Overall, these fantastical myths are harmless, but foster care myths are damaging. If foster care myths are believed, they have life consequences for children in the foster care system as people choose not to provide care. Here are 5 common myths about foster care and the real truth you should know.

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All Pro Dad

5 Things You Should be Concerned about if You are Considering Becoming a Foster Parent

It’s okay to have concerns about becoming a foster parent. If you read that too quickly, take a deep breath and be affirmed. It’s ok to have concerns about becoming a foster parent. If you ask any seasoned foster parent trainer or recruiter what worries them the most about people considering becoming foster parents, they would say the people that don’t have any concerns worries them most! So there, you are normal, it’s okay to have some concerns. Now, let’s talk about what some of the most common concerns people have as they consider becoming a foster parent.

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10 Ways to Get Involved with Foster Care

Though fostering and adopting is not possible for everyone, what is possible is finding ways to support those who make these important choices. It’s likely someone you know—a neighbor, family member or friend— is considering adopting or fostering. It might even be the case that someone you know is already fostering or has already adopted a child. Helping a friend or family member who is fostering or adopting is easier than many think. Here are 10 ways to get involved with foster care.

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