Dads & Daughters

Dads and daughters share a special relationship that will change a father’s heart and build a daughter’s confidence. Invest in your relationship with your daughter with this advice.

father daughter dance

What I Learned at My First Father-Daughter Dance

She was so excited about the father-daughter dance that when I arrived home from work she was already dressed and waiting at the window. When I pulled into the driveway, she started jumping up and down. It was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Her face was beaming when I walked in. I remarked how beautiful she looked, before heading to my room to make myself look worthy enough to stand next to her. Then I slipped out the back door, went to the car to get the corsage I bought for her, and then knocked on the front door to pick her up. Surprisingly, I was nervous. Really nervous. I had a similar feeling when I took her mom out on our first date. I wanted the night to be special for her, one of those unforgettable memories. We held hands to the car where I opened the door for her and off we went. The night was everything I hoped it would be. We danced, got dessert, took a walk along the river and stayed out past her bedtime. What I couldn't anticipate were the things I learned through the experience. Here are a few. . . .

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