Dads & Sons

The relationships that dads and sons share create memories that will last a lifetime. Make these memories positive by putting these tips to use in your relationship with your son.

father and son relationship

5 Things Dads Do that Push Their Sons Away

Bart's dad was an angry person. As a child, Bart had to endure three to four beatings a week. Sometimes a beating would even be given over something frivolous like the Dallas Cowboys losing. Eventually, the beatings stopped and were replaced with apathy, which to Bart was even more painful than the physical pain he bore in his earlier years. Gradually, the two stopped talking altogether. Things didn't change until his father got cancer. His father had a faith conversion and began to change. As his physical health deteriorated, his faith and love grew stronger. He began to pursue Bart and love him in the way Bart always desired. . . .

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