Kids and Tech

Technology has the ability to build families or destroy them. Learn how to make technology work for your family with these tips on parenting in the digital age.

Man helping young boy in kitchen with laptop

5 Ways Dads Can Deal with New Technologies

Breaking news in science suggests we’re a huge step closer to bringing the coolest ever sci-fi gadget down to earth. But we’re not sure we want to be putting them in Christmas stockings just yet. That’s right, dads, the Star Wars lightsaber isn’t just in your imagination any more. A . . .

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You may be struggling with how your children intersect with Facebook. One study shows kids that are overly into social media are more likely to smoke, . . .

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Handing the kids our technology is all too familiar. Giving kids the opportunity play and learn by sharing iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and Nooks can be a . . .

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