Teaching kids to respect authority, play fairly and love others are just a few of the vital things fathers need to keep in mind in order to raise responsible adults. These resources will help you with all of this and more.

anxiety in children

10 Ways to Curb Anxiety In Children

My family and I were at Disney's Magic Kingdom watching the parade and having a great time. When the parade ended, we started to head over to the Winnie the Pooh ride— my daughter's favorite. As we started to work our way through the intense crowd, my son flipped out, saying he didn't want to do the Pooh ride. We tried to talk him into it, but the more we talked the more upset he became. Finally, we got frustrated because we had just ridden several of his favorite rides and felt like he was being selfish toward his sister. I looked down at him to scold him and saw him anxiously looking at the crowd all around him and the even more intense crowd in our path. . . .

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