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Ever wish marriage came with an instruction manual? While we can’t provide that, we can offer marriage tips for men to help you love your wife well.

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4 Letters That May Help You Better Connect With Your Spouse

Many companies have their new employees go through a series of tests when they begin serving in their new roles. These tests serve many purposes. One of those tests usually is some type of strength or personality test. This test will determine their personality type, how they react in certain situations, potential areas of struggle, and how they will relate to other employees who have similar and even different make ups. One of the more well-known tests is the DISC Assessment. I've taken my fair share of DISC assessments and other tests for professional purposes. Recently I've been looking at the DISC for my marriage and for the couples who come to us for marriage advice and coaching. Whether you are struggling with trying to connect with your wife or not, applying a DISC assessment will shed some light on your relationship and help your marriage intimacy in the following ways. . . .

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