How to Break Bad Habits

Believe it or not, I have had some really bad habits in my life. People don’t believe it now, but my language was terrible when I was younger. I wouldn’t use any bad language around my parents because I knew they didn’t accept it. But when I was on the playing field and with my friends, it wasn’t very becoming. The second one was my temper. When I was younger I was very competitive; so in junior high and high school, I would fly off the handle when I was upset about losing.

We all have bad habits and the two I mentioned are just a few of mine. I want to tell you how I was able to change. Let’s talk about how to break bad habits.

I Made a Solid Decision

I realized that if I wasn’t careful I would become a person of bad language and anger. I wanted to be better. That’s when I made a decision to stop. Any kind of change that you want to make has to start with a solid decision and commitment. If you want more, you have to choose to be different and pursue other things then those bad habits.

Asking God for Help

The next thing I did was pray about it. I asked God for help. Bad habits get ingrained into us and so we need a transformation at our core. Anytime I was tempted with the way I spoke or before I entered a situation where my temper might act up, I would ask God to help me stay under control. After praying about it for a good amount of time, staying calm and controlling my language became a natural part of who I am.

Now those bad habits are long gone. Make a decision for more and ask God to mold and change you. You’ll see your own bad habits disappear in the rearview mirror.


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