Which Championship Ring Would You Most Like to Have?


With the World Series starting tonight and so many sports going on during the Fall, it got me wondering which other championship symbol of excellence I’d like to have.  I’m fortunate and blessed to have two Super Bowl rings – one for Super Bowl XIII as a player and Super Bowl XLI as a coach. But, if I could have another symbol of excellence would it be the Green Jacket from the Masters?  A World Series ring? An NBA Championship? An NCAA Basketball Ring?  That’s a tough question for me.

I loved basketball so much growing up that an NBA Championship would be tough to pass up. But when I think about our national past time and this time of year, a World Series ring would be pretty special as well.

So it’s a tough call, but I think I have the best one in the Super Bowl Ring because, to me, it’s a one game knock out.  You don’t get six or seven games.   From that standpoint, a Green Jacket would be extra special too because, while it’s a four day tournament, you have to get the job done on the final day.

I think a championship where you have one shot to do it would be it for me.  I’m curious, which championship ring would you most like to have?


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