Have Your Kids Ever Called Out Your Bad Behavior? And They Were Right!

As a parent, I am often talking to my kids about their behavior and how to correct it. They’ve heard me say many times, “Look this is something we don’t do,” or “Mom and I have talked to you about this,” or “God has talked about this.” But every now and then they will fire back at me about something I have done. “Hey dad, you’ve talked to us about being calm and under control and you’re yelling at us.” Have you ever had your kid call you out as a parent?

Those moments are not fun, however, here is how I have to respond when they do.

Acknowledge the Wrong

I have to say to my kids, “You know what, you’re right. If you were doing what I’m doing I wouldn’t like it.” Let them know that you see that you were wrong so they don’t see you being a hypocrite.

Do What You’d Expect From Them

It’s important to apologize to your kids in these situations. I tell them, “I was wrong and I’ll try not to do it again. Please forgive me.” It’s a great opportunity for you to model how they should respond. It is always more powerful when you show them how to behave than when you tell them how to behave.


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