Success vs. Significance

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I recently spoke to some of our All Pro Dad’s Day Team Captains and iMOM Morning Leaders.  I wanted to thank them for the time and effort they pour into their respective communities.  The other thing I wanted them to know was how significant the work is that they are doing.  We often get caught up in the success of a program versus the significance of it.  This was something I talked about with my players when I was coaching.  If all we did was win a Super Bowl, we’d be successful. But many others after us would go on to win Super Bowls, so I challenged them to be significant in the community.

My challenge to you is, how can you impact your community more significantly? Are you chasing success or significance?  One great place to start is by becoming an All Pro Dad Team Captain or an iMOM Morning Leader.  Consider and pray how God would use you to be more significant to your family and neighbors.