Teen Conversation Starters

 What do you think about dress codes on campus?

Do you think teens dress too suggestively?

Do you think parents make too big a deal about how their teenagers dress?

Should a teen have to get parental approval for their clothing choices?

 If you had to choose today, which college would you go to?  Why?

Should dorms be coed?

Would you prefer living on campus or off campus?

Do you want to work while you go to college?

Describe your ideal dorm roommate.

How much spending money does a college student need per week?

Is college for everyone?


If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

What's the best meal your mom/dad cooks?

Who is the best cook you know?


What qualities do you look for in a date?  In a boyfriend/girlfriend?

What do you think it takes to be a good husband/wife?

Do you think marriage should last forever?

What would you do if your parent disapproved of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What's the perfect age for getting married?

Should you live together before you get married?

Rate your parents' marriage on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being best?

What could make their marriage better?

What will you do differently when you get married?

Who, that you know, has the best marriage?  Why did you choose them?

What percentage of teens do you think are sexually active?


What's the best thing about your parents?

What could your mom and dad do better as parents?

What don't parents understand about teenagers?


Why do some teens drink?

Why do some teens do drugs?

Should the drinking age be higher or lower?

Should marijuana be legalized?

Do parents make too big a deal about cigarette smoking?

Do you want your kids to smoke, drink or do drugs?   Why or why not?

By: Family First Staff

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  • Gurgleplex 4 weeks ago
    Good Advice as always.  Easier said than done.
  • Alfonso Romo 10 months ago
    This is TERRIFIC, is a good program, my question is: this program is teaching in spanish? You have material in my language? my english is not very good.
    If possible send me information, thank you and GOD BLESS YOU coach Tony and team
  • Grnbaykwaps 3 weeks ago
    I have followed these top 10 as a father with my 4 children (2boys & 2girls). Things worked out just fine, they now have blessed me with 5 grandchildren. Today I'm repeating the 10 with a grandson who lives with me. His single parent mother and I try to follow all the rules without father he so needs to learn from! We take him to yearly All Pro Dad events and just love the whole day together!!!
  • James_lake 3 weeks ago
    I love this All Pro Dad!
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