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Family First Celebrates 25 Years

This year, Family First turns 25 years old! To celebrate all the families, marriages, and children that have been impacted by our work over the past 2 and a half decades, we are launching our 25th anniversary campaign: #CelebrateFamily. Family First has always been . . .

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August 22, 2016

10 Texts to Send to Your College Student in their First 10 Days

Over the last few years, Susan and I have dropped off three of our kids at college. Each time was hard. Each time I cried all the way home. Like a lot of parents sending their freshman to college, Susan and I wondered, “Did we prepare them well? Did we do enough? Will they remember and put into practice everything we taught them?”

The post 10 Texts to Send to Your College Student in their First 10 Days appeared first on Mark Merrill's Blog.

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August 12, 2016

How Do You Want To Be Remembered As A Husband?

Lauren and I have been married for almost thirty-four years now. Over that time we have created a lot of memories. We have supported and encouraged one another. Sometimes that has been easy, while other times it has been a choice. Plenty of our marriage has been spen

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