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Time with Dad – Trouble with the Curve

There's something special about a father and daughter relationship. This clip from the movie Trouble with the Curve illustrates the importance of spending time together for a father and child. When the dad suggests that spending time with him is living life in the . . .

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July 26, 2016

#112 4 Strategies to Help Solve Your Marriage Problems (Podcast)

Think back to when you first started to pursue your spouse. It required commitment, hard work, and imagination. If winning them over required that back then, why does it surprise us when neglect hurts our relationship after we walk down the aisle? They wouldn’t have married you if you took them for granted. Why risk everything now? Many good

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July 22, 2016

Hard Work Pays Off

When I played football in college at Minnesota, Coach Cal Stoll was one of the first CEO-type coaches. Most of the coaches I had seen previously, such as my high school coach Dave Driscoll, coached either the offense or the defense in addition to performing the dutie

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