How to Persevere with Love as a Dad

independence.  But, are we the only parents who have experienced what seems to be a drastic change once the teen years officially began?

We’d heard about the challenges which come with having a teen in your house, but we never paid too much attention to those “warnings.”  Well, if you have a young child, pay attention to what you’re reading here, and get ready!

I admit as we have entered this season, I have been a little testy and reactive.  I’m working on not reacting, but responding with love to the way my daughter expresses her desire to be treated differently.

Your love for your child will be tested too.  When they are young, it is easier to help and not be so frustrated by their behavior.  But it has become a challenge to do the same as our daughter has grown.

You may be faced with the same challenge, but I encourage you to persevere in your parenting with love.  If you are having trouble doing so now, here are five ways to persevere with love as a dad:

1. Remember. 

Remember, you still make mistakes and you are twice their age.

2. Reflect. 

Reflect back to when you were your children’s age to be more understanding.

3. Look in the mirror. 

Their mistakes can be learning opportunities and reveal your shortcomings as a dad.

4. Look for the good. 

Your kids will mess up, but don’t let that be your focal point or the only thing you talk about with them.  Look for the good they are doing.

5. Reward their mistakes with love.  

Sounds crazy, but it’s not.  When they mess up, be there to comfort and show understanding…not to condemn and tear them down.

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How are you persevering with love as a dad?  Please tell us how in the comment section below.

 Huddle up with your kids tonight and say:  “We may not always see eye to eye, but none of that will change my love for you and I hope the same goes for you.”


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  • Gurgleplex 4 weeks ago
    Good Advice as always.  Easier said than done.
  • Alfonso Romo 10 months ago
    This is TERRIFIC, is a good program, my question is: this program is teaching in spanish? You have material in my language? my english is not very good.
    If possible send me information, thank you and GOD BLESS YOU coach Tony and team
  • Grnbaykwaps 3 weeks ago
    I have followed these top 10 as a father with my 4 children (2boys & 2girls). Things worked out just fine, they now have blessed me with 5 grandchildren. Today I'm repeating the 10 with a grandson who lives with me. His single parent mother and I try to follow all the rules without father he so needs to learn from! We take him to yearly All Pro Dad events and just love the whole day together!!!
  • James_lake 3 weeks ago
    I love this All Pro Dad!
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