Teaching Our Daughters the Difference Between Boys vs. Men

smiling Dad and daughter


This was recently sent to us and was too good to not pass along:

We need to teach our daughters the difference between:

A boy who flatters her
And a man who compliments her

A boy who spends money on her
And a man who invests in her

A boy who views her as property
And a man who views her properly

A boy who lusts after her
And a man who loves her

A boy who believes he’s God’s gift to women
And a man who remembers woman was God’s gift to man

And then teach our sons
To be a man

Dads, your daughter looks to you to help her navigate life’s major decisions, especially when it comes to guys she dates.  Parent well.  And, for you fathers with young men, here are 10 things for sons to keep in mind about dating.  Finally, Tony Dungy shares what he teaches his kids are the most important things to look for in a potential future spouse.

Huddle up and ask your daughter tonight:  What do you think is the most important thing to look for before dating a guy?  Why?

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