For Better or For Worse


How would you react if your spouse was irrevocably brain damaged in a tragic car accident? Would you keep your covenant to love her in sickness and in health, for better or for worse? Well, Ian and Larissa did just that. With God’s help, this young couple overcame what seemed like insurmountable circumstances. This powerful video will leave you thankful for God’s blessings in your marriage.

UPDATE: March 2013

Ian is improving physically, using a walker everyday, and left the house in a wheelchair for the first time in seven years.  He has taken up painting and has been using his paintings to pay for his therapy.  For someone in Ian’s condition, it is a miracle for him to use his creative mind.  The video has provided so much hope for the disabled community and their story continues to display that God values life – life of the unborn, the disabled, and the healthy.  They are in the process of telling their story in a book due in the Spring of 2014.

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