Father and Kid Hand Signals

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All Pro Dad and NFL Player Engagement have teamed up to bring you the WeekEND Zone, a new resource to help you engage with your children on the weekends and create new family memories.

Coaches and players often use hand signals to communicate plays or routes to each other when it’s too loud to hear or they don’t want others to know what they are saying. How great would it be to have secret signals between you and your kids?

Develop hand signals for your own messages. They could be subtle (casually touching your nose) or super advanced (crossing your hands into an eagle shape and having it dive bomb across the sky).

Come up with signals for these expressions:

1. Awesome!

2. I’m proud of you.

3. Let’s do it.

4. I love you.

All Pro Dad Tip: It’s your job to make sure your kids don’t forget the signals. Look for opportunities to use them in your everyday interaction. Maybe your son rips a base hit. Flash him the “Awesome” sign when he looks at you in the crowd from first base. Or, when your daughter is leaving to hang with her friends, show the “I love you” sign.  Don’t stop adding to your secret signal library.  Dads and kids need inside jokes. When you all find yourself laughing at the same thing, make up a signal to remember it later. You’ll laugh every time you make the gesture.

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