Bogota Mimes: How Small Changes Lead to Big Changes



The Freakonomics blog reported that Bogota, Colombia used to be one of the worst places in the world for traffic fatalities.  Until the mimes.  Yes, mimes.   Antanas Mockus, the former mayor of Bogota, introduced hired mimes to tame the city’s unruly traffic. The mimes ridiculed bad behavior and handed out thumbs-up/thumbs-down cards to shame bad drivers.  Over a very short period of time, the roadways became much more efficient and the deaths by automobiles dropped significantly.  Apparently, drivers don’t like mimes giving them a hard time.

It’s amazing what a miniscule, even silly, act like hiring mimes can do to make a huge difference.  It doesn’t take much to change everything.  This principle starts in your own home.  For instance, how much better might family conversations go if you simply flipped off the TV during dinnertime?  You might be quite surprised.  Talking at the table instead of miming.  That’s progress.  Here, in this same vein, are 10 small changes you can make that lead to big changes.

Huddle up and ask your family tonight:  “What is one small change we can make as a family that could really help all of us?”

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